PODCAST: Episode 28 – BUZZ

In this week’s episode, Nadine speaks with Hallie Lieberman, PhD about her new book BUZZ. They discuss the brilliant microhistory of the sex toy that ultimately tells the story of our changing sexual mores and evolving cultural values.

Hallie Lieberman obtained her PhD from the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 2014, with a dissertation on Sex Toy History. Her writing has been published in Bitch, Bust, Eater, The Forward, and Inside Higher Ed, among others. She has given talks at many university events and conferences. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Hallie is the author of BUZZ: A Stimulating History of the Sex Toy. Available for sale on November 7th, 2017

PODCAST: Episode 24 – Have Toys, Will Travel

Trenda Nelson
Consultant #5866

This week, Nadine talks with Trenda Nelson about her journey in the business of pleasure, saving lives, and educating women!

Trenda started out in the home party plan romance industry on April 1, 2004. Even though she was terrified of public speaking, she’s a professor at heart. She was a single mom with an 11-year-old boy, a full-time government job, 2 part-time jobs and was a full-time college student putting herself through her undergrad in Telecommunications Management and then received her master’s degree in Human Resources. Her business as an adult sex educator is her passion and she loves to educate and entertain her customers. Today Trenda Nelson is a certified Love coach and is one of the top performing consultants at Bedroom Kandi Boutique Parties. Trenda prides herself in “saving lives and educating women”.

PODCAST: Episode 22 – Sex is a Gift!


This week, Nadine talks with Dr. Nicole M. Haig about the physiological and emotional benefits of sex, common questions about sex and sexuality, and the fact that sex is a gift that is given to both women and men!



Nicole M. Haig MD

Nicole Haig was born in Brooklyn, New York, the daughter of Jamaican immigrants. She attended Dartmouth College for her undergraduate education, then the State University of New York Health Science Center at Brooklyn for medical school. Dr. Haig attended Emory University for her residency training. She is board certified in Emergency Medicine and has practiced in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Virginia, St. Croix, and Jamaica over the past sixteen years. Dr. Haig been an Emergency Department Medical Director at two different facilities in Georgia. She is currently working on her MBA at the Emory Goizueta School of Business.

Dr. Haig works as a faculty advisor with college students and travels with them to countries including China, Australia and the United States to learn about medicine and science. She volunteers her services with medical missions to Jamaica each summer. Dr. Haig also volunteers countless hours doing free physicals and other community service for students including those who participate in the Special Olympics. Dr. Haig was a CDC medical officer at the Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport Quarantine station. She worked to screen patients with potential Ebola exposure.

Dr. Haig regularly lectures other medical personnel, including nurses and EMS about varying relevant medical topics. She does public speaking on Women’s Health, Understanding Women’s Sexuality and Sensuality as well as Balancing Career and Family. In recent years, Dr. Haig has moved into media, including working on Untold Stories of the ER, on Discovery Health & TLC over the past seven seasons. She was also the medical consultant for Complications, a drama series on the USA network.

Dr. Haig is passionate about teaching “the masses” to take better care of themselves physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. She believes that in order for people to achieve that, they must be able to access and utilize the resources afforded to them. Dr. Haig’s goal is to empower people with the information and means to make those positive changes in their lives. Dr. Haig’s greatest legacy is her four children who keep her grounded and focused everyday!


PODCAST: Episode 19 – Who You Want to Be

Sonia M. Benson
Consultant #5506


This week, Nadine chats once again with Bedroom Kandi Boutique Consultant Sonia M. Benson about becoming who you want to be versus who you are supposed to be in the minds of others, and how important authentic self-expression and identity are in the context of pleasure and sexuality. They also discuss the topic of discovering your “why” and sources of compelling vision.

Want to get in touch with Sonia? Email her at soniambenson@gmail.com