PODCAST: Episode 5 – Arousal & Desire

In this week’s episode, Nadine chats with Bedroom Kandi Boutique Consultant and psychotherapist Renée Burwell, LMSW about sex therapy, the connection between arousal & desire, toy recommendations, and creating healthy sexual relationships.

Renee Burwell, LSMW
Consultant #1622

Renée Burwell is a psychotherapist that works primarily with couples dealing with relational and sexual dysfunctions.  She also works with Nashville’s Sexual Assault Center’s crisis line and facilitates a trauma and substance abuse group at Thistle Farms, an agency that assists women who have a history of prostitution or being sex trafficked.  Renée holds a Bachelors of Art in Psychology from Spelman College, a Masters in Social Work and Masters in Public Administration from the University of Southern California, and a Certificate in Sex Therapy and Education from University of Michigan.  In addition, she enjoys being a Bedroom Kandi consultant and Kundalini Yoga instructor.  As a consultant she is able to provide a fun atmosphere to introduce vital sexual and mental health information to the community.

Want to explore more of Renée’s expertise? Here are a few articles she has provided us to share with you, imparting her knowledge in sexual health!

Consultants as Educators – On the role BKBCs can play as empowering educators to their customers

Lubricants – Renée’s recommendations and thoughts on intimate lubricant.

G-spot Basics – the rundown on G-spot 101!

The Ins and Outs of Vibrators – finding the toy that’s right for you.

Want to get in touch with Renée? You can email her at renee.burwell@gmail.com