PODCAST: Episode 15 – Sex Inspires My Best Poetry

Keyana Williams
aka Lady K

This week Nadine talks with Keyana Williams, also known as Lady K, the author of Sex Inspires My Best Poetry. Listen to their discussion of poetry and intimacy, and enjoy a reading from the author of her work!

The Cleveland-based author of Sex Inspires My Best Poetry: The Urban, Erotic Poetry of Lady K, Keyana Williams still does not consider herself a poet. She calls her writing “empowered poetic erotica”, with a mission to empower women to embrace their sensuality and sexuality.

Sex Inspires My Best Poetry is a steamy collection of beautifully sensual and erotic poetry on subjects related to, or inspired by, sex. The poetic verse in the book ranges from seductive to humorous, with a mostly hip-hop and urban edge. The book’s pages are peppered with sexual and sensual Hip-Hop, R&B song quotes. The book also supported by a hip-hop/poetic Urban, Erotic Soundtrack.

Besides being inspired by her own experiences, Williams says she was inspired by the experiences of friends, of relatives, and just life experiences in general, “I was inspired by thinking about some of the general things that people go through and some of the common feelings that people feel, as they relate to sex.”

Williams says that Lady K is a completely different persona. Self-described as typically shy and reserved, Williams says Lady K is a bit bolder and brasher. She describes her poetic writing style has young, hip, and sexy. In addition to vivid imagery, her poetry is rich with metaphor. Williams says that through this process she has learned to embrace her sexuality and gain confidence in herself. Her hope is that this book will inspire others to do the same.