PODCAST: Episode 16 – A Party For One Is Still A Party!

Shika Langford Consultant #251

Shika is a self-described REAL housewife, serial entrepreneur, and a stay at home mom who happens to homeschool. She decided to become a BKBC to provide real women & men with a real experience to kick off their shoes, relax their feet, and let their hair down. It also provides her with the opportunity to learn from others while equipping them with valuable information that they can take into their  boudoirs to explore, discover, & play!

Shika insists that she doesn’t sell sex toys; she says she shows customers how to cope with life through an intimate & innovative lifestyle. That’s why she created the #31DaysMasturbationChallenge, she says  – because it’s a perfect fit for all of your therapeutic needs. She goes live daily at 2:22 EST for the Month of May on all of her social media accounts to talk to you about what’s new. She also does intimate 1 on 1 or group sessions to show you how to partake in your own research & development.

When Shika isn’t doing parties, she’s updating our BK Instagram & Twitter with things that make you think or laugh, or interviewing business owners & travelers for her xoLoveShika.com blog.

Follow her on all social media @xoLoveShika or email her at xo@xoLoveShika.com