PODCAST: Episode 35 – Intercourses


In this week’s episode, Nadine speaks with Martha Hopkins, co-author of the aphrodisiac cookbook The New Intercourses,¬†about aphrodisiacs, romance and intimacy in cooking, and what dish to serve this Valentine’s Day!

Martha Hopkins and her co-author Randall Lockridge formed Terrace Partners in 1996. They lived next door during college and got their start when they wrote, designed, published, and marketed InterCourses: an aphrodisiac cookbook. The book has sold more than 325,000 copies to date, as well as foreign rights to the UK, Australia, and Germany, with photography rights selling to all variety of countries throughout the world. The book has also received overwhelming national media since its release, including such outlets as Good Morning America, Today Show, TV Food Network, New York Times, CNN, NPR’s Splendid Table, and countless others.

Martha and Randall have since worked on a wide variety of illustrated books for authors and publishers, with an emphasis on cookbooks, their first love.

Randall lives in Corpus Christi with his wife, the asparagus girl, and their two children. Martha lives in Austin, TX, with her husband and his two dogs.

The New Intercourses
¬†contains more than 135 couple-tested recipes, tasteful full-color photographs of food set on the human body, and aphrodisiac usage guides for any stage of the relationship. Covering 19 sensual foods ranging from the classics like oysters and honey to the unexpected like lack beans and pine nuts, Intercourses will help you create aphrodisiac experiences worth savoring for years to come. It is available for purchase in Bedroom Kandi’s catalog.