PODCAST: Episode 39 – Blu Life 2 – The Value of a Woman!

Cynthia “X Blu Rayne” Jowers


This week, Nadine speaks again with poet and erotica author Cynthia “X Blu Rayne” Jowers.

Poets are songwriters, spoken word artist are performers, authors are literary artist, and speakers are catalyst. X Blu Rayne is the perfect combination of all four. Her poetry matches where you are, her performances speak on those hidden things never spoken, and books give insight and direction on who you want to be. Her words don’t just spoken appeal to the ear, but they are solution based, emotionally driven, and written with the objective of speaking truths from the heart. She moves your frequencies and isn’t shy about speaking on anything to anyone at any time. She can shape your reality into words so that you can see yourself properly. When you experience X Blu Rayne, you are in an energy where you can give permission to your greatness to be, to shine, and to grow.

X Blu Rayne is a self-published author of two poetry books, Blu Life and Blu Life 2, as well as an erotic short story book, Dark Chocolate Chronicles and an upcoming self-help book, From Heart to Heart: I am every woman to be released in 2018. You can learn more at her website, xblurayne.com