PODCAST: Episode 40 – The Light: A Celebration of Poetry and Sensuality

This Wednesday was World Poetry Day! In this week’s episode, Nadine talks with Bedroom Kandi Customer Care specialist Ellie Willis about her poetry and the sensuality of the written word.

Ellie Willis is a poet, feminist, and avid tea drinker. Native to Stratham, Ellie recently returned from her six years living and studying in Scotland and Portugal and joined Bedroom Kandi’s Corporate team.

The Light
by Ellie Willis

The light!
From your freshly rolled cigarette
tip timid in the dark space
between dream and lull
a small sacred place
like the sacrum cave
turned ashtray as
the light!
dips southward
your hand’s steady sink
our breath
a wine blotted stink
from the prior night’s plight
(Because this is a morning sort of thing)
a mourning of other souls not
blessed with our filthfilled fight
of flamelick and firelimbs.
Oh that light!
that seeps through the door creaks
when dawn whispers
and lovers whimper;
where a stitch of time
spans beyond the sting of a slap
or the last gasping grapple
before blissfully blinding