PODCAST: Episode 45 – Exploring Kink

In this week’s episode, Nadine talks with former dominatrix and BDSM mentor Mona Darling about kink, fantasy, and the profound importance of communication.

Mona Darling teaches women and couples to discover, embrace and communicate their kinks. With over twenty years experience as a professional dominatrix, she has a deep understanding of what draws people to kink.

Every Monday at 6pm PST, she leads a discussion about kink on O.school, a revolutionary new sex and pleasure ed platform for adults. A salacious new topic each week. This past March, she published a BDSM primer for adults who are curious about kink called Kinky Sex Tips for Curious Girls: A BDSM Activity Book for Beginners. It’s full of color pages, fun activities, puzzles and solid information about kink, consent and communication.

She is also in the process of launching The Sub Rosa Society in Portland Oregon. A (not so) secret society that celebrates BDSM and Fem Domme, where classes, workshop and coaching will take place in a fully equipped dungeon.

You can read more about her and find all the ways to connect with her on social media, at www.DarlingPropaganda.com



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