PODCAST: Episode 45 – Exploring Kink

In this week’s episode, Nadine talks with former dominatrix and BDSM mentor Mona Darling about kink, fantasy, and the profound importance of communication.

Mona Darling teaches women and couples to discover, embrace and communicate their kinks. With over twenty years experience as a professional dominatrix, she has a deep understanding of what draws people to kink.

Every Monday at 6pm PST, she leads a discussion about kink on O.school, a revolutionary new sex and pleasure ed platform for adults. A salacious new topic each week. This past March, she published a BDSM primer for adults who are curious about kink called Kinky Sex Tips for Curious Girls: A BDSM Activity Book for Beginners. It’s full of color pages, fun activities, puzzles and solid information about kink, consent and communication.

She is also in the process of launching The Sub Rosa Society in Portland Oregon. A (not so) secret society that celebrates BDSM and Fem Domme, where classes, workshop and coaching will take place in a fully equipped dungeon.

You can read more about her and find all the ways to connect with her on social media, at www.DarlingPropaganda.com



Curious about BDSM? Check out more links from Mona:


PODCAST: Episode 44 – ‘That’s a Lot of Toys’


In this week’s episode, we speak with one of our top performing BKBCs and Team Leaders, FREDA HOBBS, and her team members ANISHA ROBINSON and BRIDGET BRAY from TEAM INNOVATE!

Freda Hobbs
Consultant #4885
Anisha Robinson
Consulant #5838
Bridget Bray
Consultant #C223

Listen to our BKBCs discuss their favorite toys, their motivation, the benefits of a team, and the perks of attending Bedroom Kandi’s annual convention.

Also check out the toys mentioned in this episode: Entice, Allure, and Hip Hop!

PODCAST: Episode 43 – Just the Two Of Us

Tawanda Y. Sanders-Williams
Consultant #6911

In this week’s episode, we are on the road, and have Bedroom Kandi Consultant and Sexual Health educator Tawanda Y. Sanders-Williams calling in to join us on the podcast!

Says Tawanda, “Bedroom Kandi Boutique products enhance all forms intimacy for couples. As a Bedroom Consultant I am not just about Sex, Women or Parties.”

Tawanda Y. Sanders-Williams, is a wife of 6 years. She is the sole proprietor of Like A Rose Consulting, LLC;  a business whose purpose is to support relationships and communities in healing and restoration by achieving sustainable change.  For 27 years she has worked as sexual health educator in the City of Philadelphia and now domestically with United Health Care as an Employee Assistance Specialist. Her area of expertise includes sexual health program development for underserved women and at risk adolescents. As an independent consultant she was worked with the Black Women’s Health Project and Supporting Teen on the Go (STOP). S.T.O.P. provided at risks teens with safe sex resources and testing services, group education and counseling to decrease the spread sexually transmitted infections and diseases. Annually, Tawanda collaborated with organizations to hold the STOP Conferences.

Tawanda joined Bedroom Kandi Boutique in 2016 as an Independent Consultant. Her niche and passion for her BK business is supporting Christian marriages and wives ministries with education and spiritual support on the uses of relationship enhancements products. Her husband Anthony, was her first team member to join her team “Just the Two of Us”. Together they travel when invited to share the benefits of Bedroom Kandi Products.

Tawanda is a graduate of both Wilkes University and Lincoln University with current certifications as an Employee Assistance Professional, Spiritual and Personal Life Coaching, and a Vision Board Trainer and Facilitator.

PODCAST: Episode 42 – V!

In this week’s episode, we have clinical sexologist Dr. TaMara Griffin on the podcast to talk about understanding our sexuality and pleasure, being empowered, and her new book, V! A Love Letter to Every Woman and Girl.

Dr. TaMara, a certified clinical sexologist, sex therapist, relationship expert, author, and speaker has more than 20 years experience speaking, writing and teaching about human sexuality across the country. She also has extensive experience working within the faith-based communities providing human sexuality education and HIV education. A published author, Dr. TaMara has developed four successful curricula designed to empower women and youth with the skills and knowledge necessary to make safer and healthier decisions.

She has a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Human Sexuality, Doctorate of Human Sexuality (DHS), Master of Social Work degree (University of Michigan),  Master of Science degree in Education with a specialization in the Art of Teaching (Johns Hopkins University), and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Family Life Education (Spring Arbor University). Dr. TaMara is certified in Clinical Sexology. She is also a holds several certificates including: Sex Therapy, Clinical Sexology, and Erotology; just to name a few. Dr. TaMara is a “Thought Leader and Expert” for The Association of Black Sexologist and Clinicians. She is also an active member of the American College of Sexologist International.

Her new book, V! A Love Letter To Every Woman And Girl – A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Vulvovaginal Health, is available for purchase on her website. You can learn more about Dr. Tamara and her books at drtamaragriffin.com. You can also find her book “I Am Sex” in the Bedroom Kandi catalog!

PODCAST: Episode 41 – Introducing Sex Toys Into Your Relationship


Gail Crowder

In this week’s episode, we are rejoined by Gail Crowder for a conversation about work-life balance, making time for relationships, and how to introduce a sex toy into the bedroom.

Gail Crowder is a wife of 28 years, mother of two and the Founder and President of Bringing Sexy Back to the Marriage (BSB). BSB is a conference dedicated to the spiritual and sexual enhancement of marriages for the modern-day wife. Gail has been responsible for spicing up thousands of marriages through the BSB conference and continues to change lives every day.  A certified marriage, life and Christian life coach, Gail has appeared on dozens of television and radio shows as a seasoned author, consultant and lifestyle expert.

In addition to BSB, Gail Crowder has founded several other enterprises including, Gail Crowder, Inc.,  a full service image consulting firm in Maryland; One Sexy Wife, which currently offers specialty novelty items and apparel; and Glamour At Its Latest (G.A.I.L), an image consulting brand dedicated to transforming its clients through its motto of “Your Life, Your Style Your Image”.  With over two decades of professional experience in the styling and image industry, Gail dedicates her time to building the self-perception, public image, spiritual values and individual life purpose of her clients.

As a member and former Vice President of Education for the Washington DC Chapter of the Association of Image Consultants International, Gail has authored five books, “Your Purse Sized Fashion Guide”, “Chronicles of Real Sexy Wives” , “Tall Glass of Water”, “Bringing Sexy Back To Your marriage” and her new release “Keep Your Legs Open”.  Her extensive educational, professional and personal experience and commitment to community makes her a highly regarded teacher, speaker and workshop facilitator.

You can learn more about Gail at her website, https://gailcrowder.com/


PODCAST: Episode 40 – The Light: A Celebration of Poetry and Sensuality

This Wednesday was World Poetry Day! In this week’s episode, Nadine talks with Bedroom Kandi Customer Care specialist Ellie Willis about her poetry and the sensuality of the written word.

Ellie Willis is a poet, feminist, and avid tea drinker. Native to Stratham, Ellie recently returned from her six years living and studying in Scotland and Portugal and joined Bedroom Kandi’s Corporate team.

The Light
by Ellie Willis

The light!
From your freshly rolled cigarette
tip timid in the dark space
between dream and lull
a small sacred place
like the sacrum cave
turned ashtray as
the light!
dips southward
your hand’s steady sink
our breath
a wine blotted stink
from the prior night’s plight
(Because this is a morning sort of thing)
a mourning of other souls not
blessed with our filthfilled fight
of flamelick and firelimbs.
Oh that light!
that seeps through the door creaks
when dawn whispers
and lovers whimper;
where a stitch of time
spans beyond the sting of a slap
or the last gasping grapple
before blissfully blinding

PODCAST: Episode 39 – Blu Life 2 – The Value of a Woman!

Cynthia “X Blu Rayne” Jowers


This week, Nadine speaks again with poet and erotica author Cynthia “X Blu Rayne” Jowers.

Poets are songwriters, spoken word artist are performers, authors are literary artist, and speakers are catalyst. X Blu Rayne is the perfect combination of all four. Her poetry matches where you are, her performances speak on those hidden things never spoken, and books give insight and direction on who you want to be. Her words don’t just spoken appeal to the ear, but they are solution based, emotionally driven, and written with the objective of speaking truths from the heart. She moves your frequencies and isn’t shy about speaking on anything to anyone at any time. She can shape your reality into words so that you can see yourself properly. When you experience X Blu Rayne, you are in an energy where you can give permission to your greatness to be, to shine, and to grow.

X Blu Rayne is a self-published author of two poetry books, Blu Life and Blu Life 2, as well as an erotic short story book, Dark Chocolate Chronicles and an upcoming self-help book, From Heart to Heart: I am every woman to be released in 2018. You can learn more at her website, xblurayne.com


PODCAST: Episode 38 – Embracing Life!


Dora Chambers

Join Nadine and Dora as they speak about Dora’s New Seasons Healing Circle & Spa Retreat. They will discuss the incredibly healing and restorative work Dora and her team have been doing with breast cancer survivors and their supportive circle of sister-friends. The retreat this spring was held in Charlotte, NC and was attended by many women including some pretty fabulous Bedroom Kandi consultants.

Click Here to learn more about Dora Chambers.

For Bedroom Kandi products that help in self-care and supporting wellness, try our Women’s Wellness Collection.



PODCAST: Episode 37 – Wild Sex

In this week’s episode, Nadine speaks with author Dr. Carin Bondar about her book, “Wild Sex: The Science Behind Mating in the Animal Kingdom,” along with the sexual power dynamics in multiple species, and the science and sex habits of animals and human beings alike.

Dr. Carin Bondar received a PhD in population ecology from the University of British Columbia and has hosted a variety of online and television programs, working with Scientific American, PBS Digital Studios, and the Science Channel. Her independent web series about sex in the animal kingdom has over 60 million views and inspired a popular TED Talk. She lives in British Columbia, Canada.

In addition to her writing and hosting work, Bondar works with Taxon Expeditions (Leiden, Netherlands) to bring citizen scientists to remote ecosystems to discover new species.   When she is not working, Bondar loves to make glass art, bake, go on long hikes and spend time with her 4 children –  Shaeden, Loanna, Faro and Juna, her 3 dogs and her cat.

In Wild Sex, Dr. Carin Bondar takes readers on an enthralling tour of the animal kingdom as she explores the diverse world of sex in the wild. She looks at the evolution of sexual organs (and how they’ve shaped social hierarchies), tactics of seduction, and the mechanics of sex. She investigates a wide range of topics, from whether animals experience pleasure from sex to what happens when females hold the reproductive power. Along the way, she encounters razor-sharp penises, murderous carnal cannibals, and spontaneous chemical warfare in an epic battle between the sexes.

The resulting book is titillating, exhilarating, amusing, petrifying, alluring ― and absolutely guaranteed to make you think about sex in a whole new way. 

PODCAST: Episode 36 – Vivid

In this week’s episode, Nadine speaks with Kendall Davis, aka Jenae’ Jones, author of Vivid: Erotic Short Stories, about her book, the intimacy of erotic fiction, and being sexually adventurous.

Me time can be a good time, but we time is even better. The time shared between Tyrone and Kayla is always beautiful and such beauty should not be withheld from the world. Spend some of your time peeking into the exotic world that hides away inside the mind of author Jenae’ Jones. In her first self published book, Vivid, Jenae’ shares the sensual moments that are exchanged in the bed as well as the office not to mention the beach and backseat with Tyrone and Kayla.

Vivid is available on Amazon kindle.