PODCAST: Episode 32 – #MeToo

Sonia M. Benson
Consultant #5506
Nadine sits down with BK Consultant & Leader Ms. Sonia M Benson to discuss Sonia’s participation in the recent XSCAPE Concert VIP Lounges and the public’s response to the BK brand as well as a very important topic being discussed in the media right now, “Me Too”. Nadine and Sonia will discuss their thoughts on the topic and some implications for our BK community.

The Me Too campaign was started by an African American woman 10 years ago. In a recent article with Huffington Post, Tarana Burke, founder of youth organization Just Be Inc., created the “Me Too” campaign in 2007 long before hashtags even existed. The 44-year-old told Ebony Magazine that she created the campaign as a grass-roots movement to reach sexual assault survivors in underprivileged communities.

“It wasn’t built to be a viral campaign or a hashtag that is here today and forgotten tomorrow,” Burke told Ebony. “It was a catchphrase to be used from survivor to survivor to let folks know that they were not alone and that a movement for radical healing was happening and possible.”

“[I was] trying to find a succinct way to show empathy,” Burke also said.

“Me too is so powerful because somebody had said it to me and it changed the trajectory of my healing process once I heard that. Me too was about reaching the places that other people wouldn’t go, bringing messages and words and encouragement to survivors of sexual violence where other people wouldn’t be talking about it.”

Want to get in touch with Sonia? Email her at soniambenson@gmail.com

PODCAST: Episode 31 – Dark Chocolate Chronicles


Cynthia “X Blu Rayne” Jowers

This week, Nadine speaks with poet and erotica author Cynthia “X Blu Rayne” Jowers.

Poets are songwriters, spoken word artist are performers, authors are literary artist, and speakers are catalyst. X Blu Rayne is the perfect combination of all four. Her poetry matches where you are, her performances speak on those hidden things never spoken, and books give insight and direction on who you want to be. Her words don’t just spoken appeal to the ear, but they are solution based, emotionally driven, and written with the objective of speaking truths from the heart. She moves your frequencies and isn’t shy about speaking on anything to anyone at any time. She can shape your reality into words so that you can see yourself properly. When you experience X Blu Rayne, you are in an energy where you can give permission to your greatness to be, to shine, and to grow.

X Blu Rayne is a self-published author of two poetry books, Blu Life and Blu Life 2, as well as an erotic short story book, Dark Chocolate Chronicles (available for purchase on Amazon). She is currently working on a self-help book, From Heart to Heart…I am every woman to be released February 2018. You can learn more at her website, xblurayne.com


PODCAST: Episode 30 – Toys & Same-Sex Couples

Rita Silva-Grondin Director of Training

In this week’s episode, Nadine discusses the BK line with BK’s Director of Training, Rita Silva-Grondin — with a focus on items for same-sex couples, a culture of inclusivity, and the wonderful perks of lube!

To learn more about Bedroom Kandi lubricants, check out our lube infographic. You can also click here to shop BK Lubes! (Or reach out to your BKBC to shop with them directly, and get personalized recommendations on the best lubricant for you.)

Toys discussed in this episodes include the very flexible ALLURE from our Luxe line, the LOVE TRIANGLE positioning wedge, the MATCHMAKER Strap-On Harness and corresponding SIMPLE PLEASURE dildo, and our vibrating strapless strap-on JUST BETWEEN US.


PODCAST: Episode 29 – Sex & Relationships


Dr. Rachael Ross

This week, Nadine talks with sexologist and physician Dr. Rachael Ross about intimacy, sex, and relationships.

Dr. Rachael earned her M.D. from Meharry Medical College and her Ph.D. from the American Academy of Clinical Sexologists, along with a B.A. from Vanderbilt University, where she studied anthropology. With over ten years under her belt as a physician and now as a brand new mommy, Dr. Rachael prides herself on her direct and practical approach to communicating with and caring for her patients. Dr. Rachael is a sexologist and board-certified Family Medicine physician who practices Functional-Family Medicine and sexology in her hometown of Gary, Indiana. Dr. Rachael believes that each patient is different and unique and their plan for wellness should be tailored to meet their individual needs.

As a sexologist, her engaging manner has garnered comparisons to Dr. Ruth Westheimer. A pioneer of groundbreaking discussions about relationships, sex, abstinence, HIV/AIDS prevention, and vaccine safety, Dr. Rachael has spread her message to audiences across the world on television, social media and numerous publications.

Learn more about Dr. Rachael at http://drrachael.com/


PODCAST: Episode 28 – BUZZ

In this week’s episode, Nadine speaks with Hallie Lieberman, PhD about her new book BUZZ. They discuss the brilliant microhistory of the sex toy that ultimately tells the story of our changing sexual mores and evolving cultural values.

Hallie Lieberman obtained her PhD from the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 2014, with a dissertation on Sex Toy History. Her writing has been published in Bitch, Bust, Eater, The Forward, and Inside Higher Ed, among others. She has given talks at many university events and conferences. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Hallie is the author of BUZZ: A Stimulating History of the Sex Toy. Available for sale on November 7th, 2017

PODCAST: Episode 24 – Have Toys, Will Travel

Trenda Nelson
Consultant #5866

This week, Nadine talks with Trenda Nelson about her journey in the business of pleasure, saving lives, and educating women!

Trenda started out in the home party plan romance industry on April 1, 2004. Even though she was terrified of public speaking, she’s a professor at heart. She was a single mom with an 11-year-old boy, a full-time government job, 2 part-time jobs and was a full-time college student putting herself through her undergrad in Telecommunications Management and then received her master’s degree in Human Resources. Her business as an adult sex educator is her passion and she loves to educate and entertain her customers. Today Trenda Nelson is a certified Love coach and is one of the top performing consultants at Bedroom Kandi Boutique Parties. Trenda prides herself in “saving lives and educating women”.