PODCAST: Episode 5 – Arousal & Desire

In this week’s episode, Nadine chats with Bedroom Kandi Boutique Consultant and psychotherapist Renée Burwell, LMSW about sex therapy, the connection between arousal & desire, toy recommendations, and creating healthy sexual relationships.

Renee Burwell, LSMW
Consultant #1622

Renée Burwell is a psychotherapist that works primarily with couples dealing with relational and sexual dysfunctions.  She also works with Nashville’s Sexual Assault Center’s crisis line and facilitates a trauma and substance abuse group at Thistle Farms, an agency that assists women who have a history of prostitution or being sex trafficked.  Renée holds a Bachelors of Art in Psychology from Spelman College, a Masters in Social Work and Masters in Public Administration from the University of Southern California, and a Certificate in Sex Therapy and Education from University of Michigan.  In addition, she enjoys being a Bedroom Kandi consultant and Kundalini Yoga instructor.  As a consultant she is able to provide a fun atmosphere to introduce vital sexual and mental health information to the community.

Want to explore more of Renée’s expertise? Here are a few articles she has provided us to share with you, imparting her knowledge in sexual health!

Consultants as Educators – On the role BKBCs can play as empowering educators to their customers

Lubricants – Renée’s recommendations and thoughts on intimate lubricant.

G-spot Basics – the rundown on G-spot 101!

The Ins and Outs of Vibrators – finding the toy that’s right for you.

Want to get in touch with Renée? You can email her at renee.burwell@gmail.com

PODCAST: Episode 1 – Success and Entrepreneurship

Episode 1: Nadine sits down with star of the Real Housewives of Atlanta and Founder of Bedroom Kandi, Kandi Burruss to talk about the meaning of success, the joys and challenges of obtaining success and the journey of entrepreneurship. Kandi shares candidly about her experiences as a business-woman, entrepreneur and the true essence of empowerment.

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“Intimacy goes beyond the physical connection you can get through sexy time in the bedroom. It’s the emotional connection that you build through conversation. It’s about trust, checking-in, and having the ability to sit alone together in absolute silence without it being awkward. Happy and healthy relationships need intimacy to survive…” [Read more]


10 Surprising Health Mistakes You’re Making After Intimacy
by Carina Wolff

“After a moment of intimacy with your partner, you’re probably relaxing and processing what just happened. You’re likely not thinking about how to take care of your body immediately after a rendezvous, which means you might be making some surprising health mistakes post-sex…” [Read more]


Why Casual Sex Just Might Be Good For You
By mindbodygreen

“Want to boost your self-esteem, feel better about life, and reduce anxiety? Have casual sex. If you’re OK with it. At least that’s the conclusion of a new study out of NYU. Researchers tracked 371 undergrads for an academic year, asking them to report on their sexual activity and how it made them feel. Turns out that for both men and women, those who who were comfortable with the idea of casual sex reported feeling better after doing the deed. [Read more]

Welcome to the Business of Pleasure

Welcome to the podcast “The Business of Pleasure” presented to you by Bedroom Kandi.  Bedroom Kandi is a sexual health and wellness company and brainchild of Grammy winning singer/song writer and star of RHOA, Kandi Burruss.  Our host and President of Bedroom Kandi Boutique Parties, Nadine Thompson, takes an in-depth look at the people, products, and stories behind the nationwide home party company.

New episodes are released Thursday mornings.

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About Bedroom Kandi

Bedroom Kandi is an affordable line of luxury, sex-positive products designed to bring pleasure to singles and couples alike. Named Best Overall Toy Line at the 2012 AVN Awards, Bedroom Kandi is a collaboration between Kandi Burruss, Grammy award winning artist and star of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and “The Kandi Factory,” and Suki Dunham, Founder of an award-winning, female-owned and operated pleasure products manufacturer.


About Kandi Burruss

KANDI BURRUSS puts a brand new spin on the term “POWERHOUSE.” Being phenomenal at taking her career to the next level, the beautiful risk taker entered the entertainment business a teenager as a founding member of the iconic multi-platinum selling girl group, Xscape. Now twenty years later, Kandi is a “fan favorite” on Bravo’s #1 Housewives  show, “Real  Housewives  of  Atlanta.”  Kandi catapulted  her success of the last few years as a “housewife”  into creating and executive producing her own TV show on Bravo, “The Kandi Factory,” a much talked about online weekly relationship show, “Kandi Koated Nights,” and a top- selling iTunes app, “Kandi Koated Spades.” Kandi is also the owner of two trendy boutiques, T.A.G.S. and T.A.G.S.II in her hometown of Atlanta, and the award winning intimate  toy line, “Bedroom  Kandi,” where she has added an in-home  multi-level marketing service as well. “I’ve always believed that if you can dream it, you can achieve it. I’ve been blessed with a lot of success. To some, it seems that it has happened overnight, but after 20 years in entertainment, that’s hardly the case,” states Kandi. Read More.


About Nadine Thompson

NADINE THOMPSON got her start as the co-founder and CEO of Warm Spirit, which boasted a network of more than 30,000 consultants nationwide and the distinction of being one of the first direct selling companies designed for women of color. In 2008, she worked to redefine the meaning of beauty for women of all backgrounds with Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company. She has been a featured speaker at events such as ESSENCE magazine’s Women Who Are Shaping the World Leadership Summit and the National Organization for Women. She has also received many awards for business leadership, including the Onyx Woman Economic Empowerment Award, the Global Diversity Network Trailblazer Award, and The Los Angeles Black Expo Madam CJ Walker Award for Leadership and Entrepreneurship. She has served as the president of Bedroom Kandi since April of 2015, bringing her years of experience in leadership, sales, and female empowerment to the BK family.