The sophisticated Bedroom Kandi Happiness & Joy vibe just got even better. Using the Bedroom Kandi Remote App, you can now control your vibrator wirelessly with five exciting functional modes!

The Bedroom Kandi Remote App delivers an infinite array of vibration patterns that you control right from your smartphone, including touch-to-play, tap & record, accelerometer control, voice input, as well as pre-set patterns.

DOWNLOAD the Bedroom Kandi Remote App onto your smartphone from the Google Play or Apple App stores. It's free!

CONNECT the Bedroom Kandi wireless transmitter to your smartphone.

RUN the Bedroom Kandi Remote App on your smartphone.

CONTROL your Happiness & Joy vibrator using the five exciting functional modes!

Choose from 5 enthralling control options:


Simply touch the screen to create your own pattern that plays back on the vibrator. Name and save your favorites to use them again any time.


is a super fun mode to use. Simply tap the screen in whatever crazy pattern you can come up with, and the app will record your pattern and play it back on the vibrator


uses your phone as an accelerometer, so you can literally control how fast or slow the vibration is by moving your phone up or down, just like a gas pedal. Hit the lock button to lock-in the vibration speed you like best.


is very cool. It will record up to 60 seconds of audio and turn that recording into sensual vibrations. Speak a sexy phrase into your phone and your partner will feel it.


offers preset patterns that play on the vibrator. Simply swipe to change to another rhythm to keep things interesting.