It’s one of our favorite months here at Bedroom Kandi, Masturbation May! This is a time where we celebrate the power of self love, pleasure and discovery.

We believe that embracing our sexual and curiosities is not only empowering but essential for our overall well-being. Through this seminar, we aim to guide you a journey of self-discovery and joy, as we explore the world of adult toys and pleasure products. We understand that choosing the right adult toy can be overwhelming, which is why we're here to help you navigate the vast array of options with confidence and knowledge.

This seminar will provide you with the information and tools needed make informed decisions when choosing your pleasure products, ensuring that your vibes caters to your specific desires and preferences. We believe that pleasure is a beautiful and natural part of being human, and self-love and exploration are essential components of cultivating a fulfilling and satisfying sexual journey. So, join us for “Maysturbation 101” as we dive into world of possibilities, uncovering the pleasures that awaits.

Tune in via Zoom or Youtube on
Thursday, May 23
at 7:00pm Eastern Time

Must be 18 or older


You must be 18 years of age or older to attend Bedroom Kandi events.

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Led by clinical sexologist Kasha Johnson, this event explored how to reclaim your relationship with your body and take back ownership of your sexual pleasure in your journey of trauma recovery.

Affirming all the things YOU ARE! Our Pretty Powerful event celebrated wellness, balance, restoration & being Pretty Powerful inside and out! Bedroom Kandi Boutique Parties and Kandi Koated Cosmetics dished about products, routines, and mindset for self-care and embracing your beauty and your power.

In our HEAD Talks Oral Pleasure Seminar we talked all about the art of cunnilingus and fellatio to upgrade your bedroom game!!! We tackled tips, tricks, products, tasty treats and more.

Bedroom Kandi Winter Symposium: An explosively educational seminar to learn from knowledgeable voices in the field about cultivating some of the most important relationships in our lives! Attendees to this virtual event gained practical tools, wisdom, and even gifts to deepen understanding of intimacy and sensuality -- and were the first to see exciting new Bedroom Kandi products!

A festive and virtual celebration - "Gifts That Keep On Giving" provided an evening filled with delightful surprises and a unique twist on the "naughty or nice" list! Featuring an array of thoughtfully curated gift sets, perfect for your loved ones. We were excited to showcase an exclusive collection, ranging from tantalizing adult products for those seeking a playful touch to indulgent bath, body, and cosmetic treasures for those embracing self-care relaxation.

Attendees were invited to explore their forbidden temptations in this experience designed to grant permission to seek out your Dark Desires and bring them into the light! At Getting Kinky! A Welcome to the BK Dungeon Experience we talked about the principles, mindset, and lifestyle of KINK & BDSM, along with how to safely explore.

Live in Atlanta, Georgia on September 9th, 2023 we held our inaugural Social Affair & Pleasure Expo!

We unveiled brand new products, and highlighted old favorites! The first 500 guests to arrive got a free swag bag. Attendees got to enjoy shjopping, raffles, giveaways & steamy speaker sessions!

August is Romance Awareness Month: a great time to reflect on your intimate relationship with yourself and/or your partner! With summertime bringing all of the spicy romantic fun, we made sure that summer ending doesn't put out the light in your fire.

Passion Unleashed, An Evening of Sensuality promoted self intimacy, passionate romance and ways to keep the flame burning all year round.

A whole week of the summer fun! Summerfest was five straight days of sexy seminars with topics ranging from the softer side of BK, to intro to Kink, led by our Expert Bedroom Kandi Consultants!

June 22nd wass No Panties Day, and to celebrate the health benefits and personal comfort and empowerment of going commando, Bedroom Kandi held a virtual seminar -- BARE -- focused on satisfying and caring for your innermost intimates! (And yes... underwear was fully optional.)

Partyfest is a FREE event open to all* to attend virtually, as a sampler tour of different kinds of Bedroom Kandi parties! Get a taste of the BK experience for educational events, themed parties, activities, and more! There's no strings attached; just an opportunity to learn, enjoy, and find your perfect party type.

Bedroom Kandi Winter Symposium: An education seminar to learn from knowledgeable voices in the field about cultivating some of the most important relationships in our lives. You'll leave this virtual event with practical tools, wisdom, and even gifts that will deepen your understanding of intimacy and sensuality.

Partyfest is public event (for people aged 18+) to tune in for a FREE sampling of various Bedroom Kandi party types and themes. Hosted by BK top consultants, this event includes special giveaways, demos, and more!

Our Bedroom Kandi Convention is held annually for our Bedroom Kandi Boutique Consultants, featuring exclusive business-building and leadership-development training content, expert panels and Q&As, first peeks at new products for the coming year, and more! Our 2022 Event was a Hybrid Event with opportunity for in-person attendance in Atlanta as well as virtual attendance.